<aside> ๐Ÿ”† Koop gives communities & small teams economic freedom. It's the most simple & trusted platform to build, collaborates & invest with friends on-chain.


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๐Ÿงญ Mission

We believe that the current modes for building and collaborating online โ€” which rely heavily on closed gardens and centralized servers โ€” are fundamentally flawed. In addition โ€” learning-curves, signaling, and context switching disincentivizes users from adopting web3 modes of work. If we want to enable an open, collaborative and user-centric economy, we need to build entirely new systems to support it.

Enter Koop: the platform that makes coordinated ownership social, accessible, and highly functional.

To go further, go together. Koop allows individuals with very little capital to become part of the nexus, one in which we can turn around and share the surplus of our knowledge and experiences with others. The exchange of thoughts, memes, and capital then fuels each microeconomy. Koop enables a niche at scale.

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